Standard Café Door Set

Simple and rustic with beautiful knot patterning

Knotty Pine Standard
$219.99 U.S.D
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Simplicity can be the best style
These rustic knotty pine custom cafe doors will lend a
distinctive look to any room they are placed.

These Cafe Doors are master crafted out of solid knotty pine.
The rustic appeareance of knots and variations are eye-catching.

** Hinge set included -- Dimensions: 45" Tall & 1 1/8" Thick**
Unfinished ready to paint or stain

A Cafe Door are swinging western doors that are used in saloons bars pubs restaurants taverns and even in residences. Cafe doors are great for dividing spaces. Cafe doors offer privacy without closing off an area completely. So think of using cafe doors or saloon doors when installing a new room divider.

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